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Welcome! This is a community for high-quality icons of the NBC show 'Heroes'. That means proper usage of brushes, fonts, gradients, textures etc to create unique icons. Membership is on application basis only. You'll be allowed to post here once accepted. Please do not "join" the community.

If you think you have what it takes, read the rules below and apply.


1. This is a community for Heroes icons, which means, any batch of icons posted here must be related to the show, preferably 6 icons or more.

2. Icons of the cast are allowed, as long as they are not icons of them in other shows (example: Greg Grunberg in Alias).

3. All posts have to contain icons. On the same note, no requesting should be in your entry, and if you have a question, feel free to contact the mod radon_ at her LJ.

4. Posting of bases are not allowed unless they're in the same batch as a ton of icons.

4. If the post contains more than 4 icons, please use an lj-cut or a link to your icon journal (preferably un-friendslocked).

5. Any spoiler-ish icons should have a warning attached (for instance, when the episode just aired just a day ago), same goes for non worksafe icons (if any).

6. Put the phrase "I voted Petrelli!" in your subject line so that I know you've read the rules. Please follow the format of the phrase (ie, past tense and exclamation mark) or I'll make you reapply.

1. If you aren't applying but would like to watch this community, friend it. Again, please do not attempt to join.

2. Do CREDIT the icon-makers! Similarily, adhere to their rules.


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